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Last Update 31st July 2015
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The results and championship standings after Matterley are being finalised and will be available to view soon.
Please contact the Results and Standings Administrator via the Contact page with any queries.

Round 10 - Leukaemia Busters - Matterley Basin - Sunday 26th July
Well the final round at Matterley was a damp squib.

Weather was the biggest problem. The club has to commit to the event on Thursday night and no later, so with heavy rain forecast for Friday that was great news to water the track. Saturday was fine and the forecast for Sunday was for rain late in the afternoon. So it got the go ahead, then the weather forecast changed. First thing Sunday when the first group when out for practice the track looked spot on. Then the heavens opened and we all know what happened next. We had no option really but to cancel the meeting at lunchtime. It was ticking all the boxes, track was getting unridable, we also have to be aware this is the home of the British GP and to continue racing would have doubled the damage, we have to also have to think of our medical team if they could deal with any accident in those conditions, take into account all the officials and marshals who would have to brave the elements, the weather forecast at the time, for continuing rain for the next four hours. Would the lap scorers get any sort of a results with numbers covered in mud. So it was a fairly easy decision to make, but not very pleasant for all those involved.

On the plus side.
Most people enjoyed the weekend for what it was, everything ran as smoothly as it could. No one saw the medical boys. Everyone turn up. Stumpy was in fine form along with Reece’s and Rodders. Rubbish was pretty good in the pit area. Everything sold in the auction. A lot of beer was sold on Saturday. Bingo proved popular again. Although weather spoilt the day we made the best of it.

Many thanks to all involved, from people who donated stuff and those who just helped run the event. Many many thanks.

So what happens next.

I will be planning to hold the AGM shortly in a couple of weeks time, so we can sort out the awards evening for all our various championships. Plus further plans for the club. When I get it sorted I will email you shortly.

HMX - Marshal Club - Marshall Raffle

We already have a good number of registered marshals however still need more to register. There will raffles for the marshals throughout the season so not only will you be paid for marshalling you will have a chance of winning a prize. Please support this new venture by registering with our chief marshal Geoff Lawes at or via the Contact page. Get your friends and family who are at the racing to join up now and support the club. Remember, no marshals means no racing. Why not get paid for marshalling this season and get up close to all the race action!

Call Geoff on 07887 794155 if you want to marshal this weekend.

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HMX joined the MCF part way through the 2011 season. You will now need a MCF licence to race with Hampshire Motocross Club in 2015. For full details check out the MCF web site to see what benefits you and the club will get. Day licenses will be available but it is recomended you join the MCF as this will save you money in the long run and also reduce the form filling and admin on race day plus it will allow you to ride other MCF events.
The 2014 HMX Champions

Solo Main - Luke Blanchard
Quad Main - Craig Fisher
Solo Vets - Tony Tunnel
Solo Clubman - Shane Reid
Solo 2 Stroke - Louis Reid
Solo Under 23 - Cameron Mills
Solo MX2 - Sam Butler
Solo MX1 - Luke Blanchard

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